Origin & Ethos

Hôtel Swexan is a world of its own with an uncompromising mission that values experience above all—a step back in time and a return to classic hospitality. A destination built on passion passed down through generations.

The joy of travel is in the anticipation of discovery.

Hôtel Swexan is a new classic character in the cultural history of Dallas. Developed by a family-owned and Dallas-based global real estate firm, Harwood International, the flagship boutique hotel welcomed guests in the summer of 2023. The hotel serves as the crown jewel of the 19-city block Harwood District.

The hotel’s moniker stands for “Swiss hospitality meets Texan charm,” inspired by Harwood International founders’ multi-generational Swiss-Texan family heritage.

Operated by Harwood Hospitality Group with a 100+ collective years of experience, the destination represents a complete expression of the group’s five-decade-long vision for the Harwood neighborhood in Dallas. The hotel’s design is reflective of the founders’ travels and passion for art and design, offering guests an immersive European-inspired journey throughout the multi-faceted, transformative spaces.

Hôtel Swexan is Harwood Hospitality Group’s flagship hotel in Dallas, offering the confluence of Texan charm and European flair within a vertical urban retreat. The property includes a wide array of guest stay amenities, world-class culinary experiences, and energetic nightlife concepts layered throughout the building.

The joy of travel is in the anticipation of discovery, and we look forward to welcoming you.