Legacy Suite

Experience the allure of Paris in the Legacy Suite, where French elegance reigns supreme. A neutral color palette forms the canvas for a sophisticated escape, accentuated by a mesmerizing blown glass chandelier that exudes timeless charm. This Parisian-inspired haven boasts opulence and elegance, with a gracefully curved sofa and glossed woods adding a touch of luxury. Antique golds and acrylics, alongside ebony furniture accents, enhance the atmosphere of refinement. Onyx and Agate accents provide a sense of natural grandeur, while a Swarovski crystal mirror graces the vanity.

District Suite

The District Suite at Hôtel Swexan is where a harmonious blend of materials and design elements creates an ambiance of modern luxury. Elegance takes center stage as rich tones of Macassar ebony and burl wood grace the suite, enhanced by the luminous allure of high gloss and lacquered finishes. The juxtaposition of white marble against these rich woods creates a striking contrast that amplifies the suite's sophistication. Faux fireplaces exude warmth, while Italian sofas and lounge chairs invite relaxation, offering a seamless fusion of style and comfort.

Imperial Suite

The Imperial Suite at Hôtel Swexan is a masterpiece that weaves the captivating narrative of a collector's journey. Evoking the essence of Morocco, this suite harmoniously melds traditional European furnishings with the tactile allure of natural woven materials, offering an exclusive residential ambiance. Warm wood tones permeate the space, enveloping guests in an eclectic and vintage atmosphere that is simultaneously rich and inviting. The suite is a symphony of contrasts, exuding both warmth and drama, inviting guests to immerse themselves in its unique allure.

Heritage Suite

The Heritage Suite at Hôtel Swexan is an airy, breezy environment blended with neutral, textured tones to ground the space. Carved limestone flooring, tropical leaf, woven textures, and light wood tones harmonize to create a resort-like feel. The blown glass chandelier, suspended like a delicate masterpiece, bathes the space in a warm and inviting glow, inviting you to immerse yourself in comfort.

Grand Swexan Suite

Introducing Grand Swexan Suite, an embodiment of modern design that harmoniously blends rich, masculine tones with antique focal points, resulting in a captivating Texas-meets-Swiss aesthetic. This grand suite is the largest suite at Hôtel Swexan and boasts a private sauna and 1.5 baths, offering an indulgent retreat. Luxurious touches include opulent leathers, elegantly crafted sled whip-stitch chairs, and a spacious 10-person dining table for communal gatherings.

Harwood Suite

The Harwood Suite draws its Japanese influence from both the hotel's architect, Kengo Kuma and Associates, and the Samurai art collection of the owners, Ann and Gabriel Barbier-Mueller. The suite's architecture boasts a natural and organic flow, mirroring the essence of Japanese aesthetics.

East Parlour Suite

Step into the captivating realm of East Parlour Suite at Hôtel Swexan, where the essence of Texas blends seamlessly into an exquisite luxury experience. This transitional haven is adorned with authentic Texan charm, featuring sumptuous Texas leathers and a rustic hide rug that embody the Lone Star State's rugged elegance. The suite's warm and rich tones envelop you, while the art captivates with taxidermy and local artistry. An 8-person dining table and a basket-woven leather seating area invite communal gatherings, complemented by a thoughtfully stocked mini-bar ready for entertaining.

West Parlour Suite

Experience a modern and masculine interpretation of Texas's urban spirit within the West Parlour Suite at Hôtel Swexan. Drenched in darker, richer tones, this haven exudes a sophisticated ambiance. Hair-on-hide rugs juxtaposed against reclaimed wood floors seamlessly blend modern rusticity with urban aesthetics.